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The divorce process is often described as being ‘straight forward’ and ‘procedural’. Whilst this may in part be true, if parties to a divorce do not receive the correct advice and/or if a divorce is not managed correctly it could have serious ramifications for the parties involved such as paying more for your divorce than is required.

For this reason, professional advice should always be obtained.

Here are some examples of where things can go wrong unexpectedly:
Financial Claims following a Divorce
The couple who dealt with their divorce without professional assistance without realising that although they were no longer married to one another they were each able to pursue financial claims against the other both for maintenance, capital as well as pension claims and as a result an application into court to settle the parties financial claims was made many years after the divorce concluded.
Overturning a Financial Agreement reached without Legal Advice
Conversely, take the couple who divorced and agreed a financial settlement between them but without realising that divorce proceedings only concluded their marriage and did not include the financial settlement which they had agreed and implemented. As a result an application into court to settle the parties financial claims was made many years after the divorce concluded
Excessive Legal Costs and Long Delays

The party who started divorce proceedings based upon their spouses adultery, only their spouse refused to admit to the adultery which meant excessive legal costs were incurred in withdrawing the original divorce petition and starting the entire process again as the original divorce petition could not be pursued.

The spouse who started divorce proceedings thinking this would award them a greater share of the assets in the financial settlement but regretfully it did not.
Missed Costs Award
The Spouse who did not pursue costs against their spouse as they had been told that they could not claims costs in the divorce – which of course was incorrect advice.
Loss of Control
The party who allowed their spouse to issue divorce proceedings as they had been told it made no difference only to find they had little control over how quickly the divorce application could be concluded.
The above scenarios are in no way exhaustive but are there to provide examples of the common misconceptions in divorce and emphasise the importance of securing specialist advise at the beginning of your case.

I am passionate about providing clear and concise legal advice tailored entirely to your individual circumstances.

I will take time to understand your objectives, what is important to you and why. Even at the very onset of your case you will be provided with advice on all options available to you, including an estimate of how long your case is likely to take to finalise as well as an estimate of costs.

It is always sensible to seek professional advice, even if your separation is ‘amicable and straight forward’ as armed with the correct information and advice enables you to make informed decisions about your separation.

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