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How it started

From a Place of Understanding.

My passion towards becoming a specialist family law solicitor started at a young age. Having experienced my own parent’s acrimonious divorce and understanding at first hand the pain which surrounded me as a child, teenager and even as an adult, I knew I wanted to make a difference to the lives of the people who, one day, I would be privileged to work with.

I embarked upon my legal career in January 2004.

Several years into my career a seed of interest began to grow. Having had the privilege of working on cases involving Autistic children it became apparent to me that these unique families required and
deserved a different level of support and understanding. However, it was all to become a reality for me when my own child was diagnosed Autistic. In that split second of receiving my child’s diagnosis, I knew I had to make this world a better place for my family. I am and will forever be my children’s advocate.

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Mission Statement.

It is my mission to:
  • Build a Law firm exclusively to support families who require specialist Family law advice who have a direct connection to Autism. The growth of my firm will be congruent with the needs of my clients.
  • To lead, educate and advocate the importance of understanding this complex condition within the Family Law Courts.
  • To provide a hub of information which enables anyone to access support beyond what I provide in my capacity as a Solicitor, which will be carefully crafted... from a place of understanding.




I want to help families requiring specialist Family law advice covering anything from pre-nuptial agreements to matters relating to separation and all that falls in between, who have a direct connection to Autism.

To Achieve

The right outcome in my client's case according to their family’s individual needs and circumstances.



Providing a safe place for my clients to talk freely about their personal circumstances in the absence of judgement; guiding them through the complex area of law whilst drawing on my in-depth knowledge and personal understanding of this unique condition.
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