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Who we are

Empathy, Understanding and Support are at the very heart of why I do what I do.

Pougher-Round Solicitors is a bespoke law firm which provides specialist support and assistance to both families who are supporting children and young adults on the autistic spectrum, and individuals supporting an autism diagnosis who require specialist family law advice. I put an emphasis on those who require expert family law advice, with an in-depth understanding of this unique condition.

I am a highly skilled lawyer with a wealth of experience in this complex area of law and my expertise is vast ranging from pre-marital arrangements, to advising on divorce related issues including complex, high net worth financial matters and complex disputes regarding children.

An adult pair of hands holding a child's hands, which are holding a multi-coloured heart

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Why Work With Me

From a Place of Understanding.


Appreciating, that it isn’t always possible for clients to travel into to an office to see me owing to their personal circumstances and/or limitations I offer a bespoke approach to each case by offering meetings via conference calling and I am also able to travel to meet with my client’s. This takes the burden away from my client’s of having to physically get themselves into an office and instead allows them to engage in meetings in an environment best suited to their personal needs and circumstances but it also removes the barriers for those client’s wishing to access my services both nationally and internationally.

Effective Communication

I will always priortise the wellbeing of my client’s and adopt an approach which meets with their individual needs.

Client’s choose to work with me because I understand their personal circumstances and I am able to effectively communicate with them which enables me to quickly establish what is important to them for example, what are their objectives both in the short term as well as the long term. For many of my client’s communication of any description can be very difficult which is why I will work at a pace which best supports my clients and I will both assist and support my clients to understand what is important to them.

Crucially, I am able to positively convey my client’s position throughout their case.

Empathy and Patience

I understand only too well the importance of feeling understood. Many of my client’s live extremely stressful lives and going through divorce and separation is just one more stress to add to a very long list of difficult and emotionally draining challenges. I take the time to thoroughly understand each of my client’s and their unique family circumstances. Coming from a place of personal experience I know which questions to ask, what information to request as well as identify any potential signposting for additional support for my client’s.


One of my core values is making sure that my clients are fully supported throughout their journey with me – this is something which I take extremely seriously. If my client’s feel supported then they will reap the benefits. Maintaining personal wellbeing, strategies and skills to cope better, experiencing reduced anxiety are all examples of how my client’s will benefit from a fully supported approach to their unique circumstances.

Solution Focused

Being a member of Resolution I am committed to handling all my cases in a constructive and non-confrontational. When unnecessary acrimony is removed from a situation it enables an individual to have clarity of thought helping my clients to stay focused on what really matters. In turn, this will ensure objectives are met enabling each case to be concluded as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

I pride myself on providing realistic and sensible advice spoken in a language which all of my clients will understand. I have extensive experience in the Family courts which has enabled me to build up a  wealth of knowledge, in this very complex area of law.

A Trusted Leader and Advocate

I will remove the legal burden from my client’s. I will lead their case in a positive and constructive way. The more pressure I can lift from my client’s the better placed my client will be to focus on what really matters to them.


Meeting legal costs is a daunting prospect for most clients. This is why at the very beginning of each case I will provide a bespoke cost estimate for each option available which serves to help my clients make an informed decision as to how they would like to proceed. 

I provide a monthly breakdown of costs and I constantly undertake costs reviews so my clients are aware of any changes to their cost estimates.

Working in Partnership with my clients

My client’s play an integral role in their own case. It is important that my client’s feel a sense of control of their own case. Why? My extensive experience has shown that in possessing a sense of control can help clients to experience reduced tension, increased certainty and clarity of thought and enhanced understanding, to name but a few. This helps my clients to maintain a healthy mindset in difficult and traumatic circumstances. This is in due course enables my clients to stay focused on what really matters to them - their family.

About me

Kelly Pougher.

Mental Health and Wellbeing is a topic close to my heart. I invest heavily in both my own mindset as well as teaching my children the importance of developing good habits and strategies to help reduce high levels of anxiety. Let us be honest here, we face challenges every day which most families could not ever understand.

I love to spend time with my family which includes our two dogs, a Labrador and Golden Retriever. I love to read books especially linked to Neuro Science and Mindset and I love to journal usually with a nice coffee in hand!

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